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Maine Center for Integrative Medicine

Stephen Donnelly, DO, FAAP  

195 Fore River Parkway, Suite 470  

Portland, ME  04102 



Dr. Stephen Donnelly is a Board Certified Pediatrician specializing in Integrative Medicine.  He provides a unique blend of conventional and holistic complimentary healthcare to pediatric and young adult patients on a one on one consultative basis.  He focuses on promoting wellness and treats a wide range of conditions by facilitating the body’s innate healing process.  A unique partnership is created between the patient, family, primary and specialty care providers, and Dr. Donnelly to achieve optimal health and healing.

Maine Center for Integrative Medicine
Pediatric Integrative Medicine

Hours:  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm      

Contact: 207-899-0386 for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric Integrative wellness
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